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Our Team.

Independent small business owners committed to enhancing our community. We thrive by guiding each other and our guests towards a better way of business and life.

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Our Mission

To support our community, To inspire moments of encouragement and success, To create relationships and make a positive impact.

Our Story

When Pam graduated massage school, she wanted a place within her community where people could come and receive consistent bodywork from a trusted professional without having to deal with pushy sales tactics. A place where she could create a service menu that she was passionate about while working hours that did not lead her to mental or physical burnout. Somewhere that valued her skills and dedication more than her her ability to make money. Simply put, a comfortable place where she felt valued, heard and respected as a bodyworker so she could focus on valuing, hearing and respecting her guests. Unfortunately, that place did not exist and if it did, they weren't hiring.


Always a problem solver - and sometimes not recognizing her own limitations -  Blue Zen was created. It started in the basement of a chiropractor's office. There she was blessed with self employment while under the gentle guidance and mentorship of a respected medical professional. Over the years, as her life transitioned, so did Blue. She slowly transitioned from part time bodyworker/ corporate employee to bodyworker and medical massage teacher. Then finally, in 2015, she was able to take Blue Zen full time.

Blessed with years of success and a strong sales pitch, she convinced her husband and family to help her invest in a condemned building in Downtown Pottstown. She and her loved ones spent a year renovating all three floors of this historical building, creating something truly special. Keeping in line that health is about working with what we have, they honored the 100+ year old bones, fun little quarks and historical elements contained within its walls. 28 S Charlotte St is a place as unique as every guest that walks through its doors. As you walk into Blue, you'll see exposed bricks and beams, uneven doors, windows inside of walls.

28 is a visual reminder that our history is what makes us special, not our perfection.

Opening her door at 28 in January of 2018, she quickly met another new-to-the-neighborhood small business owner, Michelle Bassett. Michelle was passionate about bringing a place of healing and spiritual exploration to the Pottstown market - creating Four Elements Holistic Center. She and Pam became fast friends, recognizing similar goals while performing complimentary services. Over time it started to make more and more sense to combine efforts, share overhead and to cheer each other on under the same roof. This lead to the current dynamic - Pam in one one room, Michelle in the other and an extended service menu for quests seeking health physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The vibe at Blue will always be welcoming and inclusive.

Here we hold a deep respect for everyone's unique journey. We celebrate diversity, respect challenges and thrive on making a positive impact within our community. 

Our Policies

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< 24 hrs, 50 - 100% charge

We require a payment in the amount of 50% of your total service price for cancellations or reschedules performed within 24 hrs of your scheduled appointment time. If you fail to notify us and simply do not show up to your appointment, a 100% charge to your credit card on file will be made. 


5 minutes prior to your appointments start time

In order to receive the entire appointment time, we ask that you arrive a few minutes early. This allows for a quick check-in, bathroom break and to have you ready for your service at it's start time. Late arrivals will not receive their full service time. Appointments will be considered a no-show for clients who are more than 15 minutes late without contact.


$10- 50%

A deposit is required to schedule an appointment. This deposit can range depending on who and what you book. You will not receive a refund or credit for this deposit if you fail to cancel or reschedule within 24 hrs. A valid credit card is required to be held on file. That card does NOT need to be used for payment. You are welcome to pay cash or use a different card upon completion of your appointment.

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