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Welcome To Blue!

Heart Centered Wellness For The Busy Body & Mind
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Our Services

Are You Experiencing...
  • muscular discomfort or fatigue

  • challenges with overcoming injuries

  • mental or physical imbalance

  • difficulty maintaining self care

  • high levels of physical or mental stress

  • a disconnect from self or community

  • a desire to focus more on feeling better

Whether it's a small or big challenge you are facing - physical or mental - your health is important and you deserve a safe place to heal.

Blue Zen believes in accessible community care. We are here to help facilitate and motivate everyone towards a more comfortable and fulfilling way of life.
We heart centered people don't do business by transaction, but through human to human relationships built on mutual respect and compassion.

- Robin Rivera

Recycled Paper
“Love this place! I've been going there pretty regularly for the past 7 months, I won't go anywhere else. The atmosphere is calm and comfortable."

Mercedes B.

"Whether it was whip lash from an auto accident, I crashed my dirt bike, or whether I just tweaked something while at work or working out, Pam would always get me back to good as new very quickly!! Wouldn’t recommend anyone else if you are hurting and need results quickly. I also want to add that she helps you actually GET BETTER AND STAY BETTER. She’s not in it for the money, I haven’t had to come back to her in quite some time and I thank her for that."

Geoff L.

“Michelle is amazing. She is so full of love and light. Her readings are on point and she is a wonderful teacher. My first reiki session with her was magical. Please go spend some time with her!”

Cyndi M.

Contact Us

28 S Charlotte St, Pottstown, PA, USA

Our business model doesn't allow for a receptionist. We prefer to avoid the middle (wo)men when communicating with our clients. Please be sure to email us above or submit a form to the right and we will get back to you.

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