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Yoga means "yoke", to join. In this sense, yoga, mindfulness and meditation can all be used as ways to join our minds with our bodies and to join ourselves with the world around us.


Through these vehicles we create awareness, control and release.


At Blue, yoga is more than a physical exercise. Meditation is more than just emptying your mind. They're a path to a more aware, authentic and peaceful existence. 

Yoga Mats

Group Yoga


If you are strictly looking at yoga as a physical exercise, there are some wonderful gyms and studios offering physical fitness oriented classes, but Blue Zen isn't one of them. Here we focus on balance - believing that flexibility and strength of the mind is just as important as the body. Our classes are SMALL, 3 - 4 people max. 

Private Classes


If your personal goals or place in life doesn't align with a group setting, Pam is available to book for one-on-one classes. After booking your time, let her know what your goals are and she will design a session specifically for you. Connect with the physical asana part of yoga, learn meditation basics or techniques, explore the more spiritual side of things - whatever you are hoping to accomplish, a private session is sure to suit. 

Yoga Accessories

Feel free Build Your Own Class by booking a private session and inviting up to three other guests. This is a great way to enjoy time with friends and loved ones, while doing something good for yourselves. Pam's had co-workers book during their lunch breaks, sisters and moms join each other and of course, best friends creating classes.  There is no additional cost, just schedule a private class and decide how you'd like to split the tab.

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Yoga Community

$60/ month

Self care is great, but what about community care? In today's world, connecting with other people can be incredibly difficult. Feelings of isolation and detachment often times lead to physical and mental health challenges. Hence the creation of Yoga Community. This is by invitation only, not because we believe in exclusion but because it's important to make sure the vibe of the tribe

fits. Our yoga community members enjoy coming to class and recognizing faces. Sharing a bit about their week as we prep, finding comfort in the familiar and a fondness in sharing space and energy. Together we explore what it means to be human. We grow. We face challenges. And we ultimately know that our community cares. Here we can openly ask questions, discuss challenges and celebrate wins.

This program encourages frequent visits to the mat by offering unlimited classes for an insanely low price. It's Blue's way of supporting our region and allowing accessibility to our neighbors who wish to focus on developing a yoga lifestyle.  We enjoy special classes and workshops to encourage laughter and development. On nice days, we'll head outside for yoga in the park or turn up the heat during a winter storm for warmth and comfort. 

If this is something that you are interested in joining let Pam know, schedule some group classes and when the time is right, an invitation will be extended to you. 

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