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The Shelf-Care Literary Society

On the hunt for a fun and welcoming Monthly Book Club catering for women seeking mental and emotional expansion? Welcome to the Shelf-Care Literary Society. One Monday evening a month we meet up for fun and engaging conversation around a new book voted to read, by us.

RSVP to the event below in order and add yourself to The Society!

About Us

One day, a book was recommended at the end of a group yoga class. This book was a self published journal of travels done by a woman in the late 19th Century. The author published this book at the request of friends and family. Young women of the time flocked to her journal and stories due to the limited amount of reading material written from a female perspective, especially those about travel.

As modern day readers, we get to appreciate a moment in time so foreign to us. A first hand account of European travel in the late 19th Century.


It was decided that we'd like to enjoy this book together, as a group of women hoping to explore and understand our history.

And that is how The Shelf-Care Literary Society was started.


The mission of the Shelf-Care Literary Society is to expose readers to written works that inspire and empower a more purposeful life.

We're a supportive community of women cultivating a safe space for exploratory conversation and contemplation.


Every month we vote on a new book to explore and hopefully enjoy.

The books we choose may be classics, new, novels, fiction, memoirs or really anything- the only rule is that they must make us think. Questioning our circumstances, experiences and helping us grow as humans.

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