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Our licensed massage therapist, Pamela Gormish is know for her ability to help clients get out of chronic pain. She takes pride in treating the person, knowing anatomy and working with the patterns of each body that gets onto her table. No matter if you're looking to relax or treat discomfort, Pam will use every skill in her toolbox to give you a unique and rewarding experience.

With advanced training in neuromuscular therapy, cupping, gua sha and myofascial release, guests can always tell they're in good hands at Blue. Licensed in 2010, Pam has thousands of hours of hands-on experience and over 300 hours of continuing education training.

Not sure which massage is best for you? Scroll below and learn more about the different services we offer.

Child Physiotherapy

Muscle Therapy

This is the service that truly sets Pam apart from the rest. From athletes looking to improve their game, to guests recovering from surgery - hundreds of people have learned to avoid a life of discomfort and limitation through Pam's muscle therapy. Schedule a consultation - establish goals and a plan, then get to work. Positional release, kinesiology tape, cupping and massage are all a part of creating lasting change within our bodies.

Customized Massage

For those seeking a more traditional, full body experience, Pam's customized massages are the perfect fit. Ranging from 75 minutes to 2 hours, each session offers enough time for recipients to achieve relaxation of the mind and body. It also allows your therapist to spend a little extra time on troublesome areas without creating a rushed feel.

Pressure Point Massage

Thai Massage

Coming February 2023

Thai Massage, or Thai Yoga Bodywork, is a traditional form of therapeutic manipulation that differs greatly from Swedish massage. In Thai Massage, guests lie on a mat and their practitioner uses acupressure, manipulations and assisted yoga postures to stimulate organs and flexibility.


Variety is the spice of life - and we like to keep things spicy. Feel free to enhance your massage experience with one or more of the following:

  • warm bamboo - like hot stone massage, but better

  • aromatherapy - tell Pam what you like and how you want to feel, and she'll diffuse the room with a customized blend just for you

  • cupping - for the face and the body

  • dry brushing - experience lymphatic movement and deep exfoliation

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